Dr. Christopher’s Body Care Line

Dr. Christopher’s Body Care Line

The Christopher Family and the School Of Natural Healing are pleased to announce that they have concluded formulating a new line of new all natural organic personal care products that contain Dr John R Christopher’s famous BF&C formula.

The need for a pure personal care line has been needed for many years, but was unavailable until we found the correct combination of natural organic ingredients while providing a pleasant aromatic bathing experience. It only makes sense that while bathing the skin, the bodies largest organ, that one would be able to use the finest cleansing yet refreshing products available. Dr Christopher’s Personal Care Product Line offers the same qualities you have come to expect for the past 60 years. Purity. Safe and Effective. These products contain no synthetic or harmful ingredients. Only the best botanical ingredients nature can offer.

Dr Christopher’s BF&C formulas have been added to the purest aromatic natural shampoo, conditioner and Hair & Scalp massage formulas! Many of our customers have written in testimonials regarding the effectiveness of the BF&C formula and we expect the same results from the personal care products.

In our marketing studies, consumers have raved about the aromatic fragrances and the thick rich texture of this line. Comments and testimonials from the customers indicate that they have only found this thick rich consistency in very expensive lines of products.

The challenge of formulating this line was how to provide a pleasant herbal experience while offering the health benefits of the BF&C formulas at a fair price.

Surprisingly enough, after months of research we feel that we have accomplished all of our objectives. These natural products are fairly priced and are designed to provide our customers with an invigorating aromatic bathing experience. We have looked and have not found a similar product which offers such wonderful natural relaxing pleasure. These unique products are truly one of a kind and we are pleased to offer to them to you and your family.

This personal care line comes complete with:
BF&C Shampoo
BF&C Conditioner
BF&C Hair & Scalp Massage
BF&C Soap
BF&C Beauty Facial Crème
BF&C Fizzy Bath Bombs.

You Deserve The Best–Treat Yourself Naturally–Experience the Christopher Difference with Dr Christopher’s BF&C natural organic personal care products.