Wholistic Botanicals

Wholistic Botanicals

The Christopher Family is pleased to announce that in the 3 year of the exclusive 20 year manufacturing and marketing agreement with Wholistic Botanicals L.L.C. that the company continues to experience repeated annual growth of over 25% and the out of stock problem seems to be a thing of the past.

The recent addition of the personal care line has proven to be successful. This line of wildcrafted or organic products includes everything from relaxing bath bombs to Dr Christopher’s famous BF&C formula in the purest Shampoo and Conditioner. In our marketing studies, consumers have raved about the aromatic fragrances and the thick rich texture of this line. Comments and testimonials from the customers indicate that they have only found this thick rich consistency in very expensive lines of products.

The challenge of formulating this line was how to provide a pleasant herbal experience while offering the health benefits of the BF&C formulas at a fair price. It appears that we have a winner.

With the increasing popularity of exotic natural berries, we decided to add two new Berry blends. The most popular is the VITAL JUICE which contains over — organic and wildcrafted berries including the whole Mangosteen fruit. Also we have added the ACAI Berry Blend with extremely high ANTIOXIDANT values. The repeat sales on these two natural cocktails has been phenomenal!

You Deserve The Best–Treat Yourself Naturally–Experience the Christopher Difference with Dr Christopher’s natural organic and wildcrafted products.